More Than A Sign

Can you feel music without hearing it? Would you be able to follow the rhythm or the beat? Would you know what notes are high and low or what instruments are being played without hearing them?

These are the ideas that Amber Galloway Gallego uses to bring music interpretation to life. The long-time American Sign Language instructor has found a way to make sure that those who are hard of hearing or deaf never miss a beat.

Her skills went viral when someone posted this video of Gallego interpreting during Kendrick Lamar’s performance at Lollapalooza last year. Since then, she’s appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and been featured in numerous magazines, including Rolling Stone.

But Gallego says the fame is just a by-product of the awareness she’s trying to bring about the deaf community.  By the way, this is not your average sign language instructor. She covers every detail of the songs she interprets (dirty words included!).

Learn how Gallego got started, the process she goes through to customize every song she interprets, and why what she does bridges the gap between the deaf and the hearing. See it all below!