Demo: Houston Fine Art Fair Preview

As a journalist, it’s important that I bring the freshest information to audiences. That rule is always applied when it comes to delivering the news and I’m pretty sure it goes for demo reels, too (because who wants to look at stale stories?)

I’m working on updating my reel with some new material now that I work at a different TV station. Below is one of the stories I’m thinking about adding.

This one was on the Houston Fine Art Fair. The event brought together artists from 14 countries and according to the website, showcased a record 85 galleries.

Diversity was a huge theme in this show and it’s also an element I tried to weave into my story, given the multicultural flair of Houston. I had also hoped to capture the idea that Houston does have a vibrant art scene despite being better known as a mecca for oil and gas.

Check out my take on the Houston Fine Art Fair below.

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