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LookBook Live

On the heels of New York Fashion Week, the Houston Galleria transformed the ice rink into a runway and lounge area to host its own preview of upcoming trends: LookBook Live.

The event brought together local fashion bloggers and style experts from Glamour Magazine, Kiersten Geiger, and from GQ, Sabir Peele.

Sabir Peele was named a GQ style ambassador last year.
Sabir Peele was named a GQ style ambassador last year.

Peele also runs the mens fashion and lifestyle blog, Men’s Style Pro. As panelists, they talked about what trends to look forward to for fall and how to wear them. The show kicked off with a mini fashion show featuring some of this season’s most anticipated looks.

1) Retro – Leather meets 60’s mod in this jumper

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2) Blue – Pops of color like the hue in the picture below are expected to show up on clothes this season like coats, scarves and pencil skirts (another trend). This particular color also tends to work on everyone.

photo 5 (2)3) Knitting – The weather in Houston is fickle, but that doesn’t have to affect your outfit. If you start off with a sweater in the morning when it’s cooler, layer with chiffon underneath to keep things from getting too toasty.

photo 2 (2)4) Gymwear – OK, when I first saw this I wasn’t convinced I’d want my man casually rocking sweats if he wasn’t hitting the gym. But here’s how the style pros sold it. They say the key to winning with this look is the fit. Pants should be on the slimmer side.

photo 3 (3)6) Casual Pinstripe – You can’t really tell from this picture, but the model has on a pinstripe jacket. This is a nod to taking a normally more formal element and dressing it down.

photo 2 (3)Other trends to look forward to this fall are leopard print, shades of grey, and lots of orange for the ladies and corduroy suits and parkas (yes, parkas!) for the men. Of course, use your judgment here. Houston is notorious for starting off cold and heating back up to the 80s by the afternoon. The style pros suggest layering to combat any weather surprises, so you can peel away clothes without overheating.

I noticed many things that are considered “in” have actually been “in” for a while. For example, pencil skirts (my personal fave) have been a mainstay in my closet for at least the last five years or so. What keeps changing is the length, with some starting just above the knee to others hitting between the ankle and the bottom of the knee as the “midi” style. Leopard print is another one that makes an appearance season after season. I’ve seen it again this year on shoes and the aforementioned pencil skirt.

But the experts weren’t the only ones who talked trends and fashion advice. They turned the tables on audience members who competed in style challenges.

photo 4 (3)The objective was to create the best outfit for the theme like “Date Night” or “Going to Brunch.”

And guess what?

photoI got in on the “style challenge” action, too. Participants received $50 gift cards to spend anywhere in the mall. How far do you think this will get me at Chanel?

I also entered to win a $2500 shopping spree, so fingers crossed on that!

Stay stylish!