iiay shanks

5 Minute Harmonica Lesson

I’ve been incredibly busy this summer, so I haven’t updated the way I should be. But at least I’ve been busy, right?

One of the projects keeping me on my toes is a show that I host and co-produce called “Is  It Art, Yet?” The program focuses on breaking down a topic in fine arts (such as how to play the guitar, group-singing, modern dance, etc.) and my guest is usually a professor in fine arts and his/her students. “Is It Art, Yet?” is designed to be like a master’s class – it’s a complete environment for learning, especially on my part!

One of my recent guests was Michael “the Shankster” Shanks, a blues/jazz songwriter and musician. In the last segment of the show, Michael showed me how to play the harmonica (something I didn’t think I had the rhythm to learn!) Check out my blues debut below!